We bid farewell

After 3 wonderful years of business, we, Troy and Oliver, have decided it’s time to bid adieu. However, not before we say thank you. SG is greater than the sum of its parts. To our customers, you’ve believed in us and supported us, thank you. Our hardworking ‘grab life by the horns’ staff members, whom have helped push this dream along, thank you. To our families, for sharing and inspiring our dream, for your unwavering devotion, your patience, and invaluable support, thank you.

Spencer Guthrie will officially close its doors this Saturday, December 20th 2014. Our last service will be from 6-8:15pm. Please come in and enjoy our ‘last supper’, share stories, laugh and say goodbye.

And before we go, one final message, “You are what what you eat eats” – Michael Pollan
– Troy and Oliver